Shelter Family Advocate

Farhio House is seeking applicants for a full time Family Advocate in the Shelter Program. Please send resumes to Nadifa Osman:

Job Title: Family Advocate

Immediate Supervisor: Lead Advocate

Required experience:

• Bachelor's Degree in human services field or three years experience in a human services field.
• Demonstrated skills in writing, speaking, interpersonal communication, and teamwork
• Ability to provide empathy
• Competency in crisis management and client case management
• Understanding of and sensitivity to the unique circumstances of underserved populations especially immigrant women and their children and to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault
• Commitment to ending violence against women and children
• Fluency in languages) other than English preferred especially Somali, Swahili, Oromia, Arabic
• Experience working with survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual assault required
• Supervisory experience preferred
• Public speaking experience preferred
• Experience providing trainings preferred

All Advocacy Responsibilities:

• Adhere to all rules, policies and procedures as set forth by Farhio House.
• Maintain a professional, courteous and helpful demeanor at all times when working at or
representing Farhio House or its programs.
• Serve as liaison between Farhio House and the community, being mindful of public
image, community relations and the promotion of domestic violence and sexual assault
• Allow flexibility in scheduling and job function.
• Respond to any job function as requested by supervisor.
• Abide by confidentiality at all times.
• Maintain a good driving record and carry liability insurance for passengers in personal
• Read and adhere to the Farhio House Shelter Policy and Procedures Manual; be mindful of health and safety issues at all times
• Provide services in accordance with the organization’s HR policies, mission and
• Greet and assist people when they come to the door.
• Participate in conferences, classes and workshops to enhance professional knowledge
and skill.
• Attend staff meetings.
• Participate in regular supervision with the Lead Advocate.
• Sign up for some holiday shifts during popular holiday times (most notably – but not
necessarily limited to – the time around Eid,Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s).
Some limited holiday shifts will be required of all staff in order to keep our essential crisis
intervention functions operational at all times throughout the year.
• Assist with special events when appropriate.
• Help to keep shared spaces orderly and take part in shelter related cleaning
• Maintain a positive cooperative work approach and foster teamwork among co-workers.
• Work collaboratively with each survivor to determine both her strengths, supports,
challenges and goals in order to promote her autonomy and self sufficiency.

Family Advocate Responsibilities:

• Meet with client a minimum of twice a week until goals are achieved.
• Effectively manage a client load and triage client needs appropriately daily
• Meet weekly with Lead advocate and family advocates to discuss progress.
•Maintain collaboration and communication with shelter advocates and other Farhio House staff
• Remain in contact with clients until all goals are achieved.
• Follow the empowerment model of advocacy.
• Update case files regularly and thoroughly, following organizational procedures about file Management.
• Document client’s progress and maintain client’s case file, adhering to Farhio House quality guidelines.
• Respect confidentiality at all times, in public, in consultation with other service providers and at home.
• Maintain appropriate professional and personal boundaries/roles.
• Participate in continuing education and training opportunities provided for and by Farhio House staff.
• Ensure client interactions are based on respect, dignity and privacy.
• Comply with client’s rights and responsibilities which they are given at check in.
• Mentor client in completing strength assessments, developing goals, and achieving success.