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  • Sarah Utley
    Shelter Lead Advocate

    Sarah Utley is our Lead Advocate for Farhio House. Sarah has been working with victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence, stalking, harassment and human trafficking at the state and local level since 2008 in both Wisconsin and Minnesota. She has done international women's empowerment work on a US State Department sponsored project in Sindh Pakistan. This work specifically Continue Reading

  • Nadifa Osman
    Shelter Manager

    Nadifa Osman is the Shelter Manager for Farhio House. She possesses exceptional traits that are fundamental to the victims of Domestic Abuse.  She is deeply rooted to the mission and the vision of the Shelter as well as the client she serves.  Nadifa has great passion in serving the community around her. She is very creative, friendly, non-judgmental  and welcoming. Continue Reading

  • Ikram Hashi
    Executive Assistant Coordinator

    I've been with VEAW as an advocate for two years and a half. Currently studying Social work, and working full time as an advocate at Farhio House shelter. I love the work I do every day, helping others live a fuller life is extremely fulfilling for me. Born in Somalia, raised in Minneapolis, MN. Blessed with a three-year-old son who Continue Reading

  • Deqa Hussen
    Court Advocate

    My name is Deqa Hussen I’m voice of east African women’s advocate. I work voice of east office at downtown Minneapolis at domestic abuse center. I have been advocate of domestic violence since 2004. My title is to help east African women but also I work for everyone who has domestic abuse situation.

  • Asma Jama
    Community Advocate

    I was born in Somalia left when I was 2 years old, grew up and went to school in Kenya and moved to MN 2000 until present. My motivation in doing what we do every day is to give the voiceless women a voice. My Motto in life is living a life worth living! No regrets, no apologies just be yourself Continue Reading

  • Kawsar Abdilahi
    Shelter Advocate

    I am shelter advocate for  Voice of East African Women. I have been advocating for Women facing Domestic Abuse and any form violence for 5+ years. My passion is to empower women and children of all walks of life

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